Re: j herb vs prevacox

Lorna Cane

>   Was I wrong not to consider j herb before the prevacox? Can xrays tell us which one of these would be most effective?  

Lj, did you see Dr. Kellon's message to you on the Horsekeeping list? Just in case you missed it:

" If this horse's problem was 9/10 hock pain, the Previcox would have had a clear effect by now, but not with pain related to endocrinopathic laminitis. That pain would easily explain why the horse seems "depressed" and would not respond to the adaptogens in APF.  Adequate pergolide to control ACTH together with Jiaogulan to support circulation would be a better approach."

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002

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