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Nancy C

Hi Denise

Based on past messages, your case history is in ECHisotry3


Please help us help you by saving the link, copying and pasting to your messages. We really need to see the whole up-to-date story.

Some ideas are

Diagnosis: His ACTH may need to be a tad lower, he may have iron over load or lyme issues. If temp was 40 degrees F or less, the temperature at the time of the blood draw may have had an impact.

Diet: He could have minerals tighter, additions of other supps lie ALCAR to help with insulin sensitivity.

Trim: It needs to be very tight to mitigate the affects of high insulin.

Exercise: Has a huge impact as you noted.

Nancy C in NH
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FACT: The VA Polytechnic Pony Study is the only study to look at IR and laminitis under natural conditions. See  E. M. Kellon, VMD, Diagnosis of Insulin Resistance and PPID, 2013 NO Laminitis! Proceedings,


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I've been on the group for about 4 years.....but could really use some help interpreting the results as far as what is going on and most importantly ....WHAT to do next?  


you guys are awesome and I'm so grateful for this group!

Denise Peterson

Shalimar - MN


This group - autumn of 2010

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