Need help very sore footed 12 year old PPID gelding.

corrine haffner


Jasper is very sore footed was trimmed/shod the 28tth of april,farrier said putting on shoes with wedge pads would help,well he walked of still sore. He hasn't improved much since he was done,think because of foot soreness he's now body sore also. He's been very crabby for the last week or better now. He was sore footed prior to getting trimmed/shod. Did not like having shoes nailed on at all,so was a bit naughty.

Should i be giving him some bute or previcox for a few days? also he's on Lung EQ 1 scoop twice a day no signs of heaves,so could i go to just 1 scoop a day now?  

He does have a history of ulcers also being treated for lyme dease will be on doxy till july so 4 months of treatment. Have pictures of trim in my album will get picture of shoeing here in a little bit and up load them into my album. 


Corrine and Jasper

MN 4/2014

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