Phyto-Quench substitute & response to Nancy


Y'all- PQ is out of stock. I had Po on it to manage pain. Should I try ALCAR instead since I can't get PQ?

Nancy- thanks for the response. I'm glad I'm not the only one that found the messages confusing! Hopefully Dr. Kellon will weigh in so I have a clear answer. Re: hay - soaking the hay should help with the high starch numbers though, correct? Soaking should knock down sugars AND starches I thought. 

Kathy is helping me balance his diet so I'm good there. If I can get him sound after mineral balancing, I'll have the Dental Vet out again to do his teeth and try the domatidine if Kellon says it's ok. 

I am so grateful for this group and for people willing to help balance minerals. And I plan on attending the conference in November!

Coral & Po

Sept 2013

Corpus Christi

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