Prascend Experiences and Reporting to the FDA

Nancy C

*** Prascend Experiences 

Anxiety is running high over the claim that 1 to 3  mg  of Prascend (average size horse) will work as well as any dose of compounded pergolide. 

The value of this group lies heavily in members reporting their experiences. We now have nearly 30 reports in this file. 

If you have any information to share about Prascend, either dosage related or side effects, good or bad, please send your story to one of the ECIR Group moderators: 

Lorna Cane <briars@...> Jaini Clougher <merlin5clougher@...> Nancy Collins <threecatfarm@...>. Eleanor Kellon VMD <drkellon@...

Your file will be uploaded to the Prascend Experiences File. If you prefer to not have your name used, the moderators will protect your identity. 

All members may read about fellow member experiences here


*** Reporting Adverse Reactions and Ineffective Drugs or Supplements to the FDA  

Failure to respond to the recommended dose is an adverse event that should be reported to FDA as a therapeutic failure.  Evidence of failure to respond can be comprised of observation of clinical signs (lack of change in symptoms) or through blood work.

Information on how to contact the FDA may be found here. 

Reports become part of the permanent Adverse Drug Experience records.

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