Re: Equine Metabolic



Red flags that indicate lack of knowledge about equine insulin resistance or EMS:

1. Emphasis on glucose lowering: Glucose is not elevated in equine IR
2. Citations are not relevant to equine IR.
3. EMS (IR) and human diabetes are not the same
4. Licorice is a stimulant and increases sympathetic nervous system output. Insulin has similar actions in that it is a vascular and sympathoexcitatory hormone. In the face of elevated insulin, I'm not certain that dumping another sympathoexcitatory agent on top of the hormonal milleau is wise. 
5. The makers present a two-paragraph synopsis of a study without sufficient detail to know if the trial was sound. Results of statistical tests are not presented so there is no way to judge whether there was an effect of the product. There is no other information about changes in diet, level of work, breed, sex, age or other factors that can influence the results.

Bottom line, there are two things that significantly impact glucose and insulin dynamics. Both are rapid and known to be effective but exceedingly boring. Diet and exercise. If only we could sell THAT for $2.33/serving!

Kathleen (KFG in KCMO)
Research Advisor, ECIR Inc
Missouri - USA - Dec 2005

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