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I was going to say that we have been giving our Appy U Gard for the past couple of years.  He never had any testing done, but my vet at the time thought that he might have Ulcers, as he is one of those nervous horses.  He cribs, so wears a crib collar when he is in his stall at night, removed in daytime when he is out at pasture.  He gets no hay (vet thought harder to digest), so he has soaked ODTB cubes am and pm topped with some pellets and pasture from about 11 am till 5pm each day.  By the way, we give the scoop of U Gard pellets on top of a cup of Alfalfa/Oat pellets and another cup of Stabul 1 pellets in a separate dish before his main meal am and pm. 

We started this regimen after he coliced 3 times over a two-week period about 2 years or more ago and I read the article Dr. Kellon wrote on Ulcers.  He is NOT IR or PPID.
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Hi Lauren

There is doc on ULCERS in the files section that may have ideas you've not considered.

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