Re: Phyto-Quench substitute & response to Nancy

beverly meyer

I've been using Meadow Acres "Anti-Inflammatory".  I was underdosing it for a long time but am using full dose now and it seems to help...
Do these ingredients sound OK?
Chamomile, White Willow, Burdock, Devils Claw, Celery Seed, Alfalfa, Hawthorne Berry and Milk Thistle.
Phyto-Quench is mostly Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and Garlic, so I've never understood why this product is so popular here. Aren't we to avoid Garlic and isn't Vitamin C generally not suggested?  I think MoveEase is high in Bioflavonoids already - the yellow color is a give-away for Quercitin, IMO.
Thanks for the clarification and hope this helps Po.
Beverly 6/14


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