Re: Need help very sore footed 12 year old PPID gelding.

corrine haffner

Hi Lorna

Have vet coming tuesday to do xrays, farrier will be here then too,so if shoe's need to come off it will happen then. He's bedded down in deep saw dust/shaving mix seems to help relieve his soreness have him stalled for the night. If i have to i can pull shoes ,would rather not he's going to be less then great to deal with,not even wanting to pick up feet tonight now.

Could feel some heat in both fronts,so is that abcesses or laminitis ? Do i give him some bute to help him out with his soreness? Had alot of bruising on his fronts,white hoof had a ring of bruising just 1/4 of the way down hoof wall. Dark hoof had bruising just harder to see. So is the bruising a concern? 


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