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Nancy C

Since the bulk of his intake is th Standlee, I would test those or try to obtain info from the company.  In order to make it effective you'd want to have a pallet or so from the same lot to which you can then balance the minerals.  IOW testing one or two bags is like testing your 50 bales of hay.

The issue with teh Standlee ismamking sure the ESC and Strach is where it needs to be.

An alternative is to use Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance Cubes. Low ESC and Starch, balanced minerals.  If you have a Triple Crown Dealer near you, you can get these.

Alfalfa Cubes / Alfalfa Timothy Cubes - Ontario Dehy Inc.


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He is getting 19 Lbs of Stanlee Timothy pellets and 4 Lb of Stabl 1 daily.

What should I do to balance this?


Merle, Dec 2014,  East Texas


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