Re: Commercial minerals


How many bags of Standlee pellets to you buy at a time?  When I inquired about sugar/starch levels, I was told they just do averages for their information, and if I need more specific data that I would need to test.  However, bags with the same batch number all have the same product in them, so if I buy or reserve a whole pallet, then all bags from that pallet/batch number would test the same.  [Don't know of many stores that would reserve a pallet to wait for testing results, but with as much as you are going through daily, I'm going to guess you probably buy a pallet at a time and could test from each pallet to then get minerals to balance.]

It's possible since Standlee is based in Idaho, that CA Trace ( California Trace - Nutritional Support for Horses ) or the Arizona Regional Mix from HorseTech might be a close balance for you (or you can always get custom mix, I think Horsetech does that).  If you choose to test a few batches,  you might find after doing so, that they run similar enough to use the same mineral mix for all the Standlee Timothy pellets you buy (might also find the opposite and that they vary quite a bit from batch to batch).  [P.S. most my horses love the Standlee Timothy pellets, except for my Cushing's gelding, he's incredibly picky, and can take or leave pretty much everything I try with him, although he does eat our homegrown hay readily (wish I could pellet that and try it on him).]


MT 9/04 

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