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Can anyone direct me to the studies on Quercitin or Curcumin
Bioflavonoids "diluting the action" of other bioflavonoids or herbs?

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The precaution not to mix certain bioflavonoids is based on the fact there are hundreds, if not more, of these chemicals in nature and their activity depends on their structure.  While structural similarities might give many different bioflavonoid compounds the ability to interact with the same enzymes or DNA, they will not all have equivalent effects.  When a compound is identified that has a particularly potent effect on a particular function, it is ridiculous to mix that with a similar chemical compound unless you know for sure the mixture will give an enhanced effect rather than a diminished one.  More often than not the effect of a combination will be unknown, hence the precaution.

To begin to understand this, start here:

Yellow does NOT automatically = quercitin.  Then name flavonoid (aka bioflavonoid) derives from the Latin flavus, which means yellow.  The whole class is yellow.  For example, here's rutin:

Observations (aka anecdotes) by any individual, whether you, or me, or anyone else, have limited value in their raw form. What gives them more credence is things like control of extraneous factors, statistics and sheer numbers. If you know of 20 cases where X + Y had no harmful effects compared to X or Y alone, but someone else has 200, or 2000 cases, where the combination was not as effective, what would the take home message be?  If you knew from knowledge about their structure that X and Y could bind to a particular enzyme and the effect of X was very potent but the effect of Y was unknown or weaker, would you play around with this in a clinical case?

All we are doing here is trying to share the most accurate information we have based on both over a decade of experience with horses with these conditions and the scientific literature.  If you have question or a challenge that's great, but it's up to you to back up your claim with the literature or a large equine database, not up to us to dispute it.

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