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ECIR tries very hard to base information on sound research, and if that does not exist, then on anecdotal evidence and sometimes we’re left with making a best guess. I agree with Nancy that it takes a long time for current research to filter down. I heard a talk in 1985 about MSM and the researcher said it takes about 10 years for research to go “mainstream”. Probably most of us hadn’t heard much about MSM till 1995.

In that vein, does anyone have information on why Mov-Ease, which has a great track record, is not indicated with quercetin, curcumin, milk thistle, boswellia, devils claw, cats claw, pine bark extract? Is this from research, anecdotal evidence, or a best guess? By whom? Have our members found that the good effects of Mov-Ease were lessened by using one of counter indicated substances?

I love this group; one of the reasons is that it is OK to ask questions.

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