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Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Lj,

You need to start by knowing what Previcox is and why it was suggested to be prescribed to Jesse.   I did a web search on previcox and found the information below in the second link on the Valley Vet Pet Pharmacy site.   The product description tells you it is a NSAID and it, also, tells you it is prescribed for dogs.  In the archived posts, you will find discussions about the horse version Equicox by the same company (Merial) and the dog version Previcox, recommended usage, side effects and suggested alternatives. You have been part of  some of these post threads. You would also have read that the cost of the horse version is pricey so if vets are agreeable to it they will prescribe Previcox to save money. 

On the J-Herb document  list of  the "following may reduce the effect of Jiaogulan and should be avoided; you found NSAIDs listed, correct?  "NSAIDs (bute, Banamine, etc,)  Previcox is one of the etc.

If your next question is  about using Previcox vs Equicox read the first link below. 

Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI  10/12


Previcox for Dogs Merial ( - Pet Pharmacy (Rx) - Arthritis, Pain Inflammation (Rx))



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