Glucose too low`

Donna Powell

Dr. Kellon or any of the most awesome helpful moderators,

I have been testing both my horses and now added 2 ponies so am familar with handling the blood and sending it and until the test before this one everything has been as expected.

The last time Rolex's glucose was at 60.  Way too low, should have fallen withing 80-100.  He was eating a bark off trees instead of his hay...that has resolved.

This time not only is Rolex's glucose still too Ulysses's is 61 and has been within normal ranges every time tested.

Vet is not concerned as she says at 40 they would be in a coma.

The vet draws blood (Monday) and centrifuges it here in the barn, gives me the samples that I immediately put in freezer and the next morning (Tuesday) I over night it to Cornell with plenty of ice and insulation.  I have the glucose number back yesterday (Wednesday).

I understand how glucose is difficult, or so I have been told...but what if the tests are correct?  What would be the problem with too low glucose?  I do not have other numbers back yet, but in the past the Insulin, ACTH and Leptin have been no surprise.  And other than these two horses, all other glucose has been withing normal range of 80-100.  All 2 horses and 2 ponies tested at same time and blood handled exactly the same at the same time.

What could be wrong if tests correct and glucose too low?  What do I need to be doing?

Thank you,
Donna Powell ECIR May 2011
Beaufort, SC


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