Re: Glucose too low`

Kerry Isherwood

Hi! Im not a mod, but from anecdotal experience ive had occ low glucose on my own IR horses -- and by low i mean in the 50s or 60s. Personally, i dont worry abt it bc (1) blood sent to labs often reports a falsely lower-than-normal glucose bc of the lag time betw draw & processing; (2) my horse is not showing signs of hypoglycemia (profound depression, lethargy/collapse, seizures, coma, etc); (3) my horses' IR status's predispose them to the opposite problem (too high glucose, never too low); (4) possible lab error is more likely than true hypoglycemia in horses, esp IRs.

In my own experience with my own two IR horses, i have experimented w a portable veterinary glucometer to get a BG (blood glucose) on the whole blood immediately after drawing it (whole blood meaning before it goes into a blood tube) and then sending the same blood sample out to the lab for comparison. The glucometer reading has always been higher, occ by as much as 10 mg/dl. Now granted, I am using a vet. glucometer calibrated for canine blood, but im more interested in the repetitive trends & disparities than actual numbers.

(As an aside, ive also found repeatedly that my one severely IR horse is hyperglycemic on glucometer but normoglycemic on lab results on same sample...but thats a whole different thread for another time).

Anyway, more of Kerry's Kooky Backyard Anecdotes, but wanted to ease your mind that unless your horses are showing true signs of hypoglycemia (collapse, seizures, etc) then likely i wouldnt get too upset about low BGs on bloodwork. Im interested to read further follow-ups from other groupers.

Kerry, LVT
Pinky Sept 2014 PPID/IR
Tofurky Nov 2014 IR

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