Re: Need Help ( Jasper's really sore 8 hours after joint injections )

corrine haffner

Hi Lavinia

Could you markup xrays to show the sinking. form what i see looks like RF coffen bone has rotated some? I'll try icing his feet,no fancy icing boots so 5 gallon buckets should do. 

I feel no heat in his feet was out there a little bit ago took off his one boot to check. I sent xrays to farrier also she was here to do the other 3 horses. She said next trim she could take off more toe, can see from xrays his toes can come back more yet.

That will be in 4 weeks when she's back to do him and spirit. Sounds like maybe taking toes back isn't the thing to do though?. He and spirit are on a 4 week cycle for trimming,the two mares are on a 6 week trim cycle breaks up cost for me,she's not cheap.
Can the sinking be corrected through trimming? 

His hay and water are where he can reach them both,he lays down next to hay feeder,so i put a big bucket of water right near him..

Thank you,
Corrine and Jasper
MN 4/2014

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