What is more effective - Compounded Pergolide or Prascend?

p green

Fargo has been on Prascend since being diagnosed in August 2014.  I've been caring for him for about two weeks.  He is not shedding, has a pot belly and a wasted topline.  Obviously, I think he should be doing better.  My vet is coming to see him Saturday to do bloodwork and radiograph his feet.  When I asked her about compounded pergolide, she told me they didn't see good results from that.  Yet when I look at the files in the ECIR Group it appears that folks were having worse results from Prascend than their compounded pergolide.  I understand the FDA is cracking down on vets who prescribe compounded pergolide.  So I'm wondering -- is the compounded version really less effective than the brand name in folks' opinions?
Patti and Fargo 
Madison,Wisconsin  --  April 2015

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