Horse refusing meds

p green

I've only cared for Fargo for two weeks, he's on a lease right now so I can explore how manageable his condition is.  His previous caretaker gave his med in a small piece of apple so I've continued that for now.  But today he refused the bit of apple.  I had to place it far enough back so he couldn't spit it out.  Not ideal.  

I'd like some ideas on how to coax him to eat his meds easily and consistently.  Unsweetened applesauce?  A small piece of a german muffin? (Yes, yes, I understand sugar is not ideal, but neither is spitting the med out.)  Any help is greatly appreciated.  If I can't manage his condition reasonably well, he'll have to go back to a less than ideal living arrangement with his owner.
Patti and Fargo 
Madison,Wisconsin  --  April 2015

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