Re: Horse refusing meds

Kerry Isherwood

You can always syringe it in. I mix 1.5mg Prascend in 8mls water (12-ml syringe) and by the time i walk down to the barn its dissolved and ready to give.

Initially my mare ate the pills in a hollowed out carrot piece for abt 3 days before completely going off all treats. I tried everything to get her to eat the pills but looking back, really wish I'd just gone to the syringing method earlier bc its just so much easier and wouldve saved alot of time & anguish. She still refuses to take treats from me after the carrot incident 7 months later but will take treats from others. Apparently im distrusted for life now.

There is a file full of suggestions for coaxing meds in using safe foodstuffs. And theres always a syringe!

Good luck,
Kerry in NY

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