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I have the Harman muzzle, designed by Dr. Harman. It is also pricey ($85) but you can shape it to your horses individual muzzle. It also allows more air and you can open more holes for grass access if your horse can handle it.

Melodie and Amelia

June 2013

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>I use Green green Guard Muzzle. It is pricy but it has more openings on the sides so that more air circulates . My mare gets fewer rubs on her muzzle.  I tape the holes on the bottom. My mare adjusted to it with a minimum of hissy fits. 
Ellen and Annie
March 2013
Long Island, NY
 If you have access to this type of muzzle, your horses could move around,
> drink, but not eat.... They will hate it, but if you  put a little cube
> of Timothy in the bottom when you put it on, it will help them to accept
> it. I used electric tape to turn my rectangular 1 acre  pasture into a
> grazing track to get our old Non-IR horse moving more. I can put the
> muzzle on and put my Ir horse in there for short periods to move around
> too. Usually, I stand in the middle though, and he runs around the track a
> bit, just for a change as I ride him every day anyway.... When I am on
> vacation though, this will be his only exercise for a week, so I want to
> get him used to the idea. The muzzle is frustrating at first, but start
> with short sessions and they should get used to it. Plastic Anti-Grazing
> Muzzle Tan
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>  Best of luck, Michele & Elijah Mustang, Everson,
> Wa,Jan.2015  

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