Feed questions


I have a couple feed questions:

I am unable to test hay because the distributor gets it from several different areas/ states- would it be best to always soak it? If the hay happens to be low sugar & starch would soaking it anyway harm anything?

Since I can't test it I know we can't do an analysis to do mineral balancing- what minerals should I give & how much? I have tried Uckele U-Balance Foundation & Flame hates it. Looks like I'd need to buy & mix minerals myself.

Flame already gets 5 pounds of ODBTC per day. If I were to switch him onto them entirely (not sure I can afford it though) how much would I feed him? He gets 12 pounds of orchard per currently. The ODBTC are balanced- does that mean he would still need additional mineral supplementation or not?

He was on NuZu but is currently off it with Cornell insulin & glucose labs pending to see if he's just too sensitive for it, but I have a feeling it's his hay.

Beth & Flame
NV Oct 2013

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