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>Hi Paula,

      I, too, thought that Annie morphed into Darth Vader when she wore the Best Friends muzzle. I put sheepskin around the top but she still got rubs and she got a scab on the tip of her muzzle.  
      Annie has worn the Green Guard muzzle since March. I use the wide gorilla tape on the inside and bottom of the muzzle. I replenish the tape when needed. She is in a diet paddock with sparse grass so there is never a worry that the grass will grow long enough so  that she can grab grass from the sides of the muzzle. If necessary I can also tape the sides of the muzzle. She looks like she is wearing a basket but the holes are large enough that I can use plenty of tape and she can still breath.

I thought about using the Harmony grazing muzzle but I would have to soak it in warm water to make the plastic flexible enough to fashion into the correct shape for my mare's muzzle. I like things easy.

. The Green Guard muzzle is secured to her halter with 4 leather straps; she managed to lose 2 of the straps, which I replaced with baling twine. She tries to get the muzzle off but so far no luck. I think she has resigned herself to the muzzle but at least she can breath without any fear of Luke Skywaker  coming after her with a light sword.

Good Luck with your boys. May the force be with you :-)

Ellen and Annie

March 2013

Long Island, NY
> Hi Ellen,
> Thanks for this information. I am currently using the plastic anti
> grazing muzzles (with extra holes drilled)as inserts inside the Best
> Friend Deluxe for my two IR horses as it is the only option that has
> worked so far. I don't like how much it restricts breathing and they
> sound like Darth Vadar when we walk up the drive after turnout. Tape nor
> glue nor inserts have worked as they manage to remove, destroy or eat
> them... Can the horse really not eat grass with it? It seems like a
> motivated horse could manage to get some through the sides unless the
> grass is very short. I doubt taping the bottom would work for my boys,
> but I would be very interested in better air flow, especially for the one
> horse who doesn't sweat.
> Has anyone else tried these successfully with severely IR horses?
> Thanks,
> Paula with Cory (IR) and Onyx (IR) in Bucks County, PA, USA
> EC 2014 NCRplus2011

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