Re: Feed questions


The NuZu Stabul 1 is tested and I believe guaranteed under 10% sugar/starch.  So unless sensitive to an ingredient in the product, it should be safe from a sugar/starch standpoint (unless he's one that needs extremely tight sugar/starch levels). 

The ODTB cubes are balanced, only need to add Flax, Vit E and salt.

I believe the recommended feeding amounts are 2% of ideal body weight daily, a bit less for easy keepers a bit more for hard keepers.  So, a 1000# horse would get about 20# feed daily, divided into several meals.

There are a couple other commercial mixes, that might work for you; California Trace (available direct and I believe from distributors)  and the Arizona Regional (this is available from HorseTech, I think); if you choose to stick with soaking the hay you have available.


MT 9/04

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