Re: Need Help ( Jasper's really sore 8 hours after joint injections )

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Corinne,

From the latest picture, Jasper's weight appears to be good. Don't see a crest, can see some muscle definition so I think you're good right now.

In the lateral xrays, the angle of the xray beam was not great - it was shot from slightly below the foot with the beam pointing upward. You can see part of the sole and both walls at ground level, which shouldn't happen on a lateral shot. This distorts the sole thickness. As the dorsal wall wasn't marked, its location, and that of the coronary band, are more difficult to determine. In the LF lateral xray, the clinic ID tag was placed over part of the foot. I mention these things because they are common problems that can be avoided if one knows what to look for when spending money to have diagnostics done. In this age of digital xrays, these are easy things to correct and the vet should be on the lookout for them when taking shots.

I've added a mark-up to Jasper's album:

The green, dotted line is following the faint shadow of the coronary band across the foot. The yellow line (1) is about where the coronary band is located on the dorsal wall. The yellow line (2) is the extensor process. These two lines should be in the same place, or extremely close together. The space between them is what diagnoses distal descent, aka sinking. There is a slight backward dip (broken back axis) to the bony column, which is also a clue that there is sinking as the angle of the coffin bone itself is pretty good in relation to the rest of the bones. The toe is too long - purple line is about where it would need to be backed to - but the xray angle is distorting this somewhat. There is less sole depth than there should be while the overall length of the hoof capsule (when viewed from the "outside") appears to be too long - another signal that there is sinking.

Need to back the toes without losing sole depth, back the heels but do not lower them (which takes time and finesse) because they are under run. If you lower them in the process, the bony column will dip more to the rear and the coffin bone will tend to become ground parallel at rest (not desirable).

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