Re: Pergolide overdose?!? New blood work

Sharon Manning

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for your response. I added the Leptin to the CH, I guess that was just an oversight on my part as I thought I put in all the new numbers.
Because I can't exercise Blaze, other than a dry lot, as I am working on that now and will take me some time on this rock I live on, is there anything else to help him loose weight? My vet recommend giving him Thyroid L but I didn't think making him hyperthyroid was the right thing to do. I know in humans that can cause bone loss and other problems.
He is in his stall all day and out at night. Sometime he gets out so I have had to change the door latch and put a lock on it. But I did try to make it as much of a exercise as possible. I wait until he gets all the way down the hill (very steep) Then I call him. (He always comes when I call). So here he comes dragging his fat self up that hill..... I did test my pasture (if you want to call it that) and it is below 10 but I realize that can change at any time. He does "appear" to have lost some weight but I think it is because he was so swollen/fluid retention and that has gone. So, that swollen sheath and fluid retention will be what I watch for as it was dramatic. He also seems a little brighter in the eyes and less hungry.
I guess not shedding his coat is the least of my worries.....
I think if I can get some weight off of him I can keep it off.
East TN

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