Dominique and Festival


Hi Dominique,

 Great job of getting your case history up. It can be a bit daunting at times.

 One suggestion I have to make regarding his diet  is to stop the rice bran oil  until you know for sure that he’s not  Insulin Resistant as well as it can exacerbate that condition. Flax seed oil or grounded flax/linseed is a suitable replacement.


I would also suggest that you get an Insulin & Glucose blood test done so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Below is a link to the Australian files

 If Festival just has PPID, then there maybe some leeway for pasture at some stage, but if he’s IR as well, then you’re management protocol will have to change. In the meantime, are you able to remove him off the pasture or make a dry lot for him?

 I know it’s confusing and confronting, but we’re here to help you .Please feel free to ask any questions.


Pauline & Spur

Sth West Vic

Australia Aug 07

EC Primary Response

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