Re: EquineCushings] Is there a file regarding protocols for joint injections?

Donna Powell

Sorry, it was probably my post...not a protocol just reading about the supplements in THM and taking Dr. Kellon's NAT course gave me the knowledge to find what works for my horse.....HA and J-Herb (for increased circulation and better attitude resulting in more movement).  The HA and J-herb are what I settled on, each horse is different and some things work for one and not the other, you just have to try until you get the right mix. Move Ease worked well too in the beginning.  To my knowledge (which is limited) there is no file or specific protocol.
Sorry for the bad.
Donna ECIR May 2011 Beaufort, SC NRCPlus0213 NAT042013

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Read in a recent conversation that there may be a file link to protocols/recommendations from Dr. Kellon  for joint injections somewhere in the site.  Have searched but cannot find anything.  

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