Re: trying to initiate a recall on Standlee Timothy pellets

Kerry Isherwood

I feed Standlee Alfalfa pellets as my supp carrier and see color variations from bag to bag. Im guessing its simply from different batches of hay--some leafy & green; some stemy & paler. My horses eat it dry & have no problems. One horse eats 1lb/day; the other gets only a handful. Both are IR and do fine on the tiny bit of alfalfa

I feed the Alfalfa pellets bc my local Tractor Supply is often out of the Timothy and Timothy/Alfalfa, but
always seems to have the straight Alfalfa pellets.

You have to remember that you arent paying for a premium product: you're essentially buying variable quality timothy hay thats simply been pelleted. Period. No guarantees on quality, palatibilty, mineral analysis, etc; its just pelleted hay. Its not just used for horses either; some tortouse breeders use it as substrate ("bedding") in case the tortoises
accidentally ingest it. Its not meant to be, & nor are you paying for, an expensive product.

The ODTB are by far a nicer product & you wont regret the effort in obtaining them.

Good luck,
Kerry in NY

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