Happy pony

Kerry Isherwood

I took my IR/PPID mare on a trail ride at a new park, very rocky, the awful loose sharp kind. Ugh, not fun for my barefoot horse & I'd neglected to bring her boots. I was utterly speechless when she marched right over the rocks, straight as an arrow in the middle of the trail. No flagging off to the grassy shoulders, getting my head caught in low branches; no slowed tempo, just trekked right over all the terrain with nary a care. Ive had her 11 years and have never been able to negotiate jagged trail like that. So, at age 21, my mare is finally free of the subclinical, chronic foot pain that's plagued her her entire life.

What's that expression, 'you can spend a lifetime with horses and still learn something new every day?'

My undying gratitude goes to everyone in this group for simply existing; without the evidence-based archives, the ever-ready mod advice, and the vast knowledge of Dr Kellon, my mare would surely have foundered by now.

A million thanks to all for my happy/healthy pony,
Kerry in NY

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