Re: Pergolide


Somewhere on the bottle, the amount of pergolide per cc (ml) should be
written. If you know your horse gets -- let's say,
1 mg a day, and that is 3 cc according to the amount you have been
instructed to give -- then that means that the strength of the liquid you are
giving is 0.33mg/cc. I have no idea if this is the dose you are giving, but
that is how you would figure out the strength per cc. (ml is just another
abbreviation for cc so that doesn't enter into the equation) Just need to
know the amount your horse is supposed to get in mg, and divide that by the
prescribed number of cc you were instructed to give.

Gosh, I hope I have this right. Perhaps I have been retired a tad too long
but I think this is correct. Does it make sense to you?

Probably the very easiest thing is to simply call the pharmacy and ask the
strength of the med you are giving -- the number of mg per cc. If it is 1
mg/cc -- you are getting a good deal. If it is
0.5 mg/cc you are getting about the same deal, and if it is less than 0.5,
maybe you could get a better deal. Can't go by the amount in a bottle,
because the way it is diluted is what counts.

Sorry if I am probably muddying (is that a word?) the water, but now you have
me curious! Have a Great Day!

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