ACTH History on almost 34 yr old.


I believe I joined this group late in 2013.

My gelding will turn 34 in June.

He was diagnosed with Cushings by ACTH level in Oct. 2013 of 447 pg/ml. !!!

Immediately started Evitex and ordered Pergolide. (He is boarded and BO is elderly and unable to dispense Prascend.) 

Prescribed dose of Pergolide 1 mg./1X Daily (in morning feed).

Has been getting Pergolide ever since and to this day.

Next endocrinology March 2014.  ACTH: 58.4 !!

Discontinued Evitex - expensive!

Next endocrinology Oct. 2014: 102pg/ml.

Hmmm! Did he go up because chasteberry stopped??

I ordered chasteberry liquid from Gateway. MUCH cheaper.

1/2 oz. AM & PM.

Latest test May 2015: 33.2 !!!!

This latest test may be from another lab. New vet. He posted levels on his invoice. Previous vet sent reports done by Cornell. New vet is a track vet. Used to do backup for my previous doc who left town.

Insulin and Glucose levels were tested Oct. 2013 and May 2015. Very normal.

I suspect the combination of Pergolide and chasteberry is the key to success in my case. 

My old vet felt annual test would be adequate after this one. Neglected to ask new one his take. Since Chance is almost 34, hate to say but there may not be a next test :( .

Still, he is shedding out, is alert and sound. He is losing muscle mass in his hindquarters but is fairly round in the belly.

Vet wants him on at least 10 lbs of Equine Sr. daily, for the forage. Farmer gives him the softest grass hay mix he has. Other supplements given: Corta-Flx Sr., selenium w/Vite E, Source, 1/2 c. ground flax, Tbs. granulated garlic, probiotic (Probios)/

Don't know if his regimen will work on your horses but wanted to pass the info on. Hope it helps.

BTW, there was a recall on Pergolide due to ingredients compounded into the preparation. 

Eileen J.

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