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Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Sara,

Sorry for any confusion.  I knew based on Lj's past posts that he was giving Mov-Ease to Jesse for his arthritis so I asked him to check with My Best Horse for an updated list of what herbs, supplements etc. are not indicated to be used with or dilute the action of Mov-Ease.  My list is from a few years ago.  Since curcumin is extracted from turmeric I "assumed" it would not be indicated to be used with Mov-Ease, but I suggested he ask Joan for an updated list.  I did not mean to imply it was not to be given to IR and/or PPID horses.  

Perhaps, if Joan reads this message she might consider posting an updated list on this Board if appropriate or on ECHorsekeeping.

I found this post in the archives from 2011 from Joan of My Best Horse.

Post# 151986

Mov-Ease is safe for PPID and/or IR horses.

Specific supplements that are not recommended:
quercetin, curcumin, resveratrol, and milk thistle
Also, warfarin and statins (like Lipitor)- but I don't know of any horses on these two compounds.

Mov-Ease is OK with:
Jiaogulan, APF, ginseng, AAKG
ALCAR, spirulina
Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, HA

Joan and Dazzle
Anaheim, CA 2006

Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI  10/12

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