Re: Pain relief for very painful horse) WAS Need Help ( Jasper's really sore 8 hours after joint injections)

corrine haffner

Hi Nancy

Can the ODBT be fed free choice or close to it? also i'am assuming they need to be soaked,so might go rancid if left sitting to long in warm weather ?  I'll get more then 2 bags then so i'v got enough once he's switched over makes more sense to feed those. The Vit E i have does have soy oil in it,i'll up that to 5000iu today. He hasn't had any ulcer issues since i started the supplement Dr Kellon wanted him on before giving doxy. 

He's drinking 25 gallons a day i keep a 5 gallon bucket in his reach,plus his hay is also in reach too,so not going hungry or thirsty.  Although he knocked over the water last night so had a pretty wet stall this morning. 

Had to get him up so i could strip out the wet bedding and put down dry.. He was laying in the wet bedding.  He was shaking while he was up so think he's hurting quite a bit. I'll look at that link you posted here a little later got to get to feed store here their only open till 11am. 

Thank you for all the help
Corrine and Jasper
MN 4/2014

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