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Jazzi has been doing just fine until about 4 weeks ago.  And I am having a very difficult time getting to the bottom of it. She is just not right. Before I list her current symptoms here is a little bit of history. NSH, barefoot, in Renegade boots for endurance and NATRC rides.  Also doing training level dressage.   Diagnosed as IR March 2013 with light to moderate bouts of laminitis from March to September 2013.  Her worst laminitic episode was in May 2013 following spring vaccinations (she has not had any vaccinations since). Did a NATRC 20 mile ride in October 2014, did fine.  Fell and hit her right shoulder and head December 2014.  Took about 3 months to rehab, not back to her pre-injury mileage or speed.

Jazzi has shed out her winter coat, is shiney and soft.  No wall separation in any of her hooves.  Trimmer tells me Jazzi has some of the best hooves she trims. She does have some growth rings however. No thrush or other infections.  Few if any tick bites (go figure).

 Her current symptoms are as follows:

1) Warm rear hooves with pedal pulses that come and go.  Hooves equalize in temperature and pulses disappear with light exercise (walking).  She is sound and moving well ("tracking up in the back").  

2) Has less energy than normal.  No turbo walk, reluctant to move out.

3) New onset of skin flakiness, dandruff.  However, due to the drought, she has only had bucket baths, no hosing. This started about 1 month ago.

4) New onset of skin reactivity to the heart rate monitor electrodes.  Electrodes are plastic. The area where the electrodes are placed become raised (welt), lose hair and skin becomes dry and flakes off over 1 to 2 days.  Area is tender to touch.  Called the manufacturer who suggested it was due to rubbing.   

5) Her appetite has increased.  

6) She has not started her whining nicker that was present when she had active laminitis in 2013.  But her nicker is not normal, almost whining, but not quite.

7) Rear heel bulb rubs that the next day look more like an abscesses. She has been in boots for trail riding for years.  The rubs started about 6-9 months ago and come and go. 

8) The re-appearance of red rings on the bottom of her hooves.  She had this in 2013, but then disappeared until now.

The one thing that she is getting that has not been vetted by the mods is a Chinese herb blend for ulcers, Stomach Happy.  The list of ingredients can be found here:
She started this in the beginning of February.  Stopped it as of May13th.  She was better at first on this (not as hungry, less pacing). 

Her hay is Teff, from the Imperial Valley in southern California.  It was tested and found to be less than 10% sugar + starch.  She has been on this hay for over a year without issue.  I am on the last few bales that may well be over a year old.  It is clean without mold.  New hay on the way (teff) and is being tested by grower.

I have update her history and uploaded it to EQhistory 7. 

My thoughts are 1) may need to ACTH,  2) may need iron panel, 3) may need full CBC, chemistry and check mag, selenium and vit E levels, 4) anything in Stomach Happy that decreases insulin sensitivity?, 5) what happens to old hay that is barn stored?, 6) possible toxins - new crop of hemlock in neighborhood, but only found one small plant (less than 4 inches) out by the trail (pulled it), also found one fiddleneck in same area.  Was eating red apple when in the arena in small amounts.  Is it toxic?, 7) did her December injury catch up t her as she has not been exercising as much or as hard as before the injury, 8) doe she have a totally different issue unrelated to IR?

Thank you in advance for your assistance, it is very much appreciated.  

Nancy Reed and Jazzi
March 2013
San Diego County

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