Misbehaving glucose (revision)

Kerry Isherwood

So just when I'd gotten comfy about how well my mare is doing I pulled routine blood samples this morning to get a baseline for the upcoming seasonal rise, and a quick check of her blood glucose via glucometer was between 137-146mg/dL (note:  I was using the AlphaTrak veterinary glucometer but initially set it to the wrong code (code 8) which yielded the 137 result; realizing my mistake afterwards I redrew a quick sample and tested it again on the correct code (code 7 for orig Alphatrak) and result was 146mg/dL.  This was about 30 mins after the initial blood draw and after I'd given Legend IV -- that's why I listed both results, even though technically, I should throw both out as inaccurate.) 

Regardless, not the BG I was expecting...Pinky does have a history of hyperglycemia when hyperinsulinemic so this is not an unprecedented result, just a really disappointing one. 

The extensive timeline I'd typed in Word and uploaded last Oct is apparently missing from Pinky's EC8 folder.  I will work on updating and uploading it again. 

I know what I need to do, I'm just venting on here to get past this gutted feeling.

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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