Re: ACTH History on almost 34 yr old.


Afterthought:  I don't believe I listed the supplements that Chance gets: 
AM: 1/2 cup rice bran, 1/2 oz. Karbo Combo*, Pergolide
PM: 1/2 cup rice bran, 1/4 cup ground flax, CortaFlx Senior, selenium/vitamin E, Source, 1 Tbs. granulated garlic, Probios (granules).

He has been getting almost everything since BEFORE he was diagnosed EXCEPT for the Karbo Combo.
Gomers Inc. creator of Karbo Flour, Karbo Combo, Karbo Pellets, Karbo Essentials, Epic II CL and Karbo Caps


Could that be another reason he is now normal? Guess what? I ain't changin' a thing!!


Sorry don't know how to link this to previous history as Brian asked me to do. Anyone is welcome to do it for me. I'm too old for this, 75 this summer :( .

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