Re: ACTH History on almost 34 yr old.

Kerry Isherwood

...."I really don't feel like going downstairs to dig up paperwork but whatever the normal range for insulin and sugar were, he was within those. I would think all labs post the normal ranges as well as test results. Even my own annual bloodwork does."....

FYI--every lab has different parameters of "normal" for insulin & glucose (ie, Cornell's cut-off for "normal" equine insulin is 40uU/mL whereas Antech, one of the most widely used veterinary labs used in the US, has a "normal" cut-off of 20uU/mL for insulin). This group believes a truly normal non-fasted insulin should be less than 10uU/mL. So, if you ever do 'feel like' digging up your supposedly "normal" results, it might in fact be to Chance's benefit & longevity to do so because dying of laminitis at 34 is as excruciatingly painful as it is at any other age.

Good luck,
Board-certified Vet Tech Specialist,
Emergency & Critical Care
Sept 2014

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