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Dear Sue,

My vet told me to feed Nutrena Safe Choice Special Care.  My greedy horse eats it, but likes his orchard grass hay better.  I give him a cup morning and night
so I can feed him his supplements.  His Remission is with the morning dose and he generally leaves it and some of the pellets.  If I put in a handful of mixed grain that I feed sparingly to the other horses he will clean the morning dose out better, but since it isn't his Pergolide, I don't worry too much about it.   At night he has salt and ground flaxseed and vitamin E with it.  He likes that better, but still prefers the hay.  He gets his 2 mg. capsule of Pergolide in an apple core or a prune.

I want to try the Mag Ox when the Remission runs out, but I fear he won't like it.  If I dampen the pellets it might stick to them.  The Remission does, but that is messy.  I'd rather find a dry way to make it palatable.  I've tried cinnamon, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Judy and Rudy in SWMO
Judy L. Meadows
~in the Missouri Ozarks

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