Re: ACTH History on almost 34 yr old.

Nancy C

Hi Eileen

Thanks for the additional info.  This group is different from 99.99% of the internet horse groups.  As stated in the ECIR Group philosophy, we look for specifics in the form of a case history to go along with the report in from the field.  You case is a classic example of why.

FWIW you are not too old to help this conversation and the members reading. I don't doubt you are seeing what you are seeing. There are 1000s of members here who count of the recommendations of the group and experiences of list members for the welfare of their metabolic horses.  So we are sticklers for detail.

You mention you have had several tests through over the seasons.   Your PPID may be controlled by pergolide and may have been siginificantly helped by seasonal rise.  It would be helpful to know exactly when tests were taken, under what conditions and what the results were. Here's more on seasonal rise
Seasonal Rise

Glad the Chaste Tree Berry is working for you.  I could not fins Gateway however.  Can you provide a link?  While CTB is helpful with clinical signs - symptoms of PPID - the majority of members have found that pergolide controls PPID. Some of the found out the hard way via laminitis. More info here



As you have heard "lab normals" for insulin nd glucose do not mean teh hrose is not IR.  When you collect your test results go here and put them into the IR calculator. IR Calculator
You can read about diagnosis of IR (and PPID) here
DDT - Diagnosis


ECIR GRoup recommends a forage based diet, tested and balanced. The correct ratios of magnesium, copper and zinc are hugely important for all horses but especially IR and PPID horses.

The group does not recommend garlic or rice bran.  In the amounts needed to work garlic can cause heinze body anemia. Rice bran has the wrong balance of Omega 3 and 6.  Could nit find what was in teh Krbo flour but it appears it may be marketed as a probioitic. Most horses don't need probiotics.

Not sure who Brian is, however, I looked in three of our ECHistory filing cabinets for your Case History and could not find it. Please help us by joining ECHistory 8, filling one out and sharing your data.

Thank you for the Wedgewood info.  Hopefully someone who has actually read the letter will share more of the details.

Please add your signature to every post.  Save you name, general location and general date of joining to a doc and copy and paste. it is an easy extra step that helps your dedicated volunteers a lot.
The goal of the ECIR Group  is zero laminitis. Nothing is worth the pain of laminitis. Nothing. I understand you are not changing anything.   Here's hoping Chance makes it to the rainbow with out that pain. As Lorna pointed out, we're here to safeguard against that happening.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
FACT: The VA Polytechnic Pony Study is the only study to look at IR and laminitis under natural conditions. See  E. M. Kellon, VMD, Diagnosis of Insulin Resistance and PPID, 2013 NO Laminitis! Proceedings,

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Sorry don't know how to link this to previous history as Brian asked me to do. Anyone is welcome to do it for me. I'm too old for this, 75 this summer :( .

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