Re: Teshan

Kerry Isherwood

...."I have updated Teshans case history and new blood test files. I appreciate any comments on her full blood work up. ".....

>>> Its a shame her ACTH is still so clearly uncontrolled.  Did you test for the recommended insulin, glucose, and leptin?  There don't appear to be any results listed for the latter three tests.


...."She is doing really well. ... I dont like how fast shes lost condition, "....

>>> OK, so which is it then, she is doing well or she isn't?  This is a bit confusing.


...."I have killed off almost all the grass and there is no more lush pockets. I will always let her graze, so theres no point arguing with me about that, ok? She loves roaming and grazing, "....

>>>> So she has access to grass or not?  This is confusing.  Roaming is always good; grazing is not.


...."one of my biggest fears is that I would have to put her down at a time she had not been enjoying her life. I want her to do her favourite things every day because at her age any day could be the last day."....

>>>> Please note 21 is not "old".  My PPID/IR mare is also 21 and competing in 10+ mile hunter paces & jumper shows and feels the best she's ever felt because I took measures to make sure her ACTH and IR are as possibly well-controlled as the current research allows.  *Of course* everyone wants their horse to do their "favorite things every day" but Teshan doesn't know she's suffering from wildly uncontrolled PPID and I'd like to think that if she had the wherewithall to understand that grazing is highly dangerous for her, that she would make the choice to avoid grazing.  Unfortunately, that decision is left to their guardians, us humans.  Lastly, Im not sure how you will avoid "putting her down at a time she had not been enjoying life" -- does this mean you are going to euthanize her when she's still healthy & happy?  Your version of "happy" may not be necessarily the same as hers.  You are deluding yourself to think that uncontrolled PPID & laminitis have a peaceful ending. 


...."She remains on 2ml daily which administers less than 1ml active dose. ..."

>>> mls don't mean anything b/c each compounded formula may be different -- its the daily mg of pergolide that is important for us to know.


....."Im working on learning more to help her and her family - I now have Zayfir and his daughter River on the low sugar feed as well. Their itch has improved as well as other small changes suggesting IR in the family.".....

>>>> this is a no-brainer -- get their insulin, glucose, and leptin checked immediately


Lastly, thank you for removing the "research notes" in your EC8 folder.  Every single person in this group wants nothing more than to help your horse, and some of your commentary on cut & pasted quotes offered from this group was unnecessarily snide.  

Best of luck,

Kerry in NY

Sept 2014

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