Cushings and youth

Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

Has anyone had experience with Cushing's syndrome in a teenage
horse? My gelding, Majestad, (Amiga's son) is 12 and we're beginning
to think he may also have Cushings. Since he's an Andalusian I've
always been told that they get fat on air ( like old-style Morgans)
and we've always battled keeping his weight down. But now that I have
his mother here for comparison, he has the same type of lumpy fat
pockets that she does-even though his weight is at an all time low.
His T4 usually comes back normal to low normal-but that's been only
a one time blood draw. My vet will be out July 7 to do the BET test
for Amiga and I think I'll have her do Majestad as well. In the
meantime we're waiting for test results on selenium, Lyme's as well
a complete blood chemistry. His symptoms,aside from the fatty
deposits, have been a lack of energy,mane falling out,puffiness in
hollows over his eyes and an "offness". Not really lame-just not
moving like his usual self. This has been going on since mid-May.
Is 12 too young to get this disease?

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