Re: Pain relief for very painful horse) WAS Need Help ( Jasper's really sore 8 hours after joint injections)

corrine haffner


Beverly he's on two scoops of remission has been for a while now,shaking is pain related,when pain levels are down shaking stops. Lorna i know i could make progress on his feet,i'am afraid i'll take to much off and add to his already very sore feet. 
Having some trouble getting him to eat the ODTB cubes as i add more to the timothy pellets,he eats slower and leaves part of it in pan. Might be he's not feeling that great with painful feet.?? Doing capaisin every 5 hours to help with his pain. Guess i'll have to keep up with the every 5 hours through out the night,or he'll be in tough shape come morning.
Thanks Nancy,for the comment on good observation on my part,made my day.Thank you everyone i'am truely greatful for the help and support.  

Corrine and Jasper
MN 4/2014


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