Re: Final Post


     I want to add that my life got a lot less overwhelming when I joined this group, with treating a Cushing's horse that the vets were failing at and contradicting each other. My head was spinning with the rotating advice from each of the previous treatment schools of thought. When I got here it was focus and pin down the facts time. Case history finally opened my eyes. Writing it down and seeing the special feeding that I had gotten accustomed to as normal over the years showed me how unusual his condition was - to be skin and bones on that amount of food and additives. And the prescribed senior feeds were the worst thing and had to go. He got better from each thing I followed here and lived a more comfortable life. Cushing's didin't even take him out, EPM did later. Compare that to before this group's help, he was going to be put down for Cushing's failure alone. 
     With a vet who would tell you to quit the most successful Cushing's treatment and research group of all time, I hope you don't go through what I did with outdated modes of treatment that just take your money and stall to keep you their client until the inevitable day of put down. 

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