Re: Diet help!

Melissa Coupar

Hi Jaini, 
Hope you don't mind if I pester you with another question!
I placed an order for the Mad Barn Basic Mineral/Vit Mix, and in my email inquiring about shipping, the fellow suggested the Omneity IR mix for an all-in-one supplement for PPID/IR horses. Have you had any experience with this mix? Seems to have more antioxidants etc. 

Thanks again!

>>>In Canada, the Mad Barn Basic Mineral Mix is good for Alberta hay (but too high in manganese for BC hay), although there is selenium in there as well: There are no major minerals in it, but it is easy to add a teaspoon or so of magnesium oxide.  The owner of Mad Barn (whose name escapes me at the moment) has also expressed an interest in doing custom mixes for Canadians.

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