Re: OK to Test if Still Ouchy? WAS: Trim Review and Shedding Question

Suzanne Mansolilli

I'm reposting this message as vet is scheduled for today and maybe I should cancel?

Maybe my question isn't clear.  Will the lab results be difficult to interpret if draw is taken when he's a bit painful?  I'm assuming I should wait until this clears up, but could bloodwork help me see if his Prascend dose needs tweaking?


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Monty recovered from the April trim within a week and we were back to walking, but after I did a touch up trim, he turned up sore again the day after. (We walked after the trim without a problem).  So I figured his pain may have been coincidental to the last 2 trims and was instead due to him nibbling grass through his paddock fence.  Barn owner put up a temporary electric cable inside the fencing. He's better, willing to walk in soft arena, but not willing to walk on road still, and it's been a month since last trim and a couple of weeks since the new fence.

I have been anxious to re-test his ACTH, gluconse, insulin, leptin for the past month, but have been way-laid by this soreness.  New vet is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, as I thought his pain would have resolved itself by now, but he's still a bit ouchy.  

What to do?  Wait or go ahead and test? 


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