Re: OK to Test if Still Ouchy? WAS: Trim Review and Shedding Question

Suzanne Mansolilli

Thanks for the opinion, Kerry.  That's why I'm confused -- I would think pain would affect everything, the ACTH and the insulin.  So makes me wonder why he's in pain in the first place--is the ACTH not controlled enough to prevent a laminitis attack from eating through the fence?

It makes me wonder if I should experiment w/his Prascend dose before I test and then test in a few weeks after clinical symptoms subside to see where his numbers are at?

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Is it possible to plan for two bloodwork visits, draw blood today for insulin/glucose/leptin to check if these are high & the reason for making him sore-footed, and then a separate visit for ACTH a bit later once the soreness abates? I would think the current discomfort would affect the ACTH...

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