Re: Phyto Quench and ALCAR question

corrine haffner

Hi Dr Kellon & Nancy

I got the supplements and he's been on them for 4 days i think,he was a 2 on the lameness scale, then monday morning he came up more sore. I did take his pulse yesterday morning and it was 60 beats per minute,but he was shaking and very sore stiff,at the time.

Took it this morning and it was down to 54 beats per minute. I do always take note of how he is lameness wise in AM and again in PM,was staying a steady 2. Now he's at a 3 even today,been doing capiasin 3 times a day when he was at a 2. Now he's more sore doing capiasin 4 times a day.

Will start a journal on his pulse,lameness,and how much capiasin is used per day and what he eat in a days time. On average the last 3 days its 14lbs of soaked hay and 2lbs of ODTB cubes,a pound AM and PM,doesn't finish either meal at a pound each,leaves a 1/3 of it in pan.  

Was eating 20 lbs of soaked hay went on strike and didn't eat the cubes or pellets for 3 days,that was last week. He's in my back yard so i can keep track of everything,don't have to depend on anyone else.

Thank you,

Corrine and Jasper

MN 4/2014


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