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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melissa,

You'll learn as you go along how to read labels so that you won't get drawn in by the advertising rhetoric. More isn't always necessary or better. The best product is going to be the one that most closely matches and complements the excesses and deficiencies in your particular diet. The kitchen sink approach is never the best or most economical.

Not Jaini here but the Omneity IR mix is not suitable for IR horses. It contains a number of additional vitamins/minerals that aren't recommended as they may worsen IR  (niacin, riboflavin, thiamine); A couple of the ingredients are either contaminated by iron or enhance iron absorption, which is already overabundant in an IR horse (dicalcium phosphate, ascorbic acid/vit C).

A number of ingredients that either aren't needed at all or have questionable effectiveness: added potassium which all hays have an excess of; vit A, E and D, which are fat soluble vitamins and aren't well absorbed unless in contact with fat; chromium which is only needed for hays grown on alkaline soils.

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Jan 05, RI
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>>>In Canada, the Mad Barn Basic Mineral Mix is good for Alberta hay (but too high in manganese for BC hay), although there is selenium in there as well:

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