ACTH, iron overload and WNV titer results for IR mare


I hope to get some insights on recent test results for my 10 yo TWH mare Cayuse. She isn't foot sore or otherwise in pain, so not your top priority! I've know for several years she is severely IR.  First and most troubling, her ACTH tested at 26.5 pg/ml, barely within Cornell's normal range. This is an elevation over 18.6 pg/ml that we had 2 years ago as a baseline. Do I need to engage my vets about treating her with pergolide now in anticipation of the rise? Her observable symptoms are elevated leptin and one slightly runny eye. Coat and muscle are normal. No footiness ever.

Second, I'd like to understand the KSU iron panel results. 

Serum iron- 299,  lab normal 75-228. 

TIBC - 506, lab normal 231-455. 

Ferritin - 178, lab normal 43-261. 

I don't know how to evaluate her iron overload status and what, if anything, I should do about it, since I'm already balancing her trace minerals, usually at a ratio of 3.5:1:3:3. Is there any benefit to dropping the ratio of Fe:Cu:Zn to 3:1:3? Dietary iron is 1242mg, including hay, Nuzu Stabul 1 and ODTBC, the last two being added because of low nutrient quality hay.

Last, because she is such a problematic vaccine reactor, this year I asked for both rabies and WNV titers. Rabies hasn't been received yet. Cayuse's last WNV vaccination was March, 2014. The Cornell WNV SN titer result was 512, described by my vet as "adequate." This is much lower than my other mare's titer of 2048, so I'm trying to  understand what it means - - is annual titration necessary? Is the result adequate for now? Do we have any idea how long it will remain adequate?

I can add hoof shots in a day or two, after Thursday's trim. 

Thanks for your time.

Cass for Cayuse

Sonoma County, Calif

Oct 12

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